I’m a witch at heart. I can’t really explain what that means; I just know I feel it in my soul. I’d like to try to explain it, though. That’s why I’m here.

I have a foolish interest in knowledge and a strong desire to learn, to grow on a spiritual level. I find this really difficult since my inner logic tends to get in the way. But there are some things I’ve found to be absolutely true, even when I can’t prove them.

Tarot, elements, affirmations. Gems, herbs, spells. Love, intuition, energy. Over time, I’d like to share what I learn about these things as I delve deeper into who I am. Maybe along the way, you’ll discover something, too.

It will take some time, so please have patience with me.

Learn, grow, and be magical. ❤

To follow my journey directly, check out my Journal. Otherwise, my categories below will help guide you. If you don’t see what you seek, give it time. This blog is still new.

If you’re revisiting me after a while, here’s what you may have missed in my recent posts:

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