You’re casually perusing the internet when you pass by a wooden door nestled into an alcove in a stone wall. It hangs by large black hinges, far too new for the state of the aged door. A curtain of dark-green ivy has made the wall its home, almost obscuring the door, and indeed no one else who passes by seems to realize it’s even there. You think you hear the faint sound of music playing on the other side, and the sweet scents of various herbs grow stronger as you approach. You cautiously place one hand on the wood and are surprised to find it’s warm, almost pulsing with a gentle energy. Your caution turns to curiosity. There is no lock on this door, so you reach for the handle and ease it open, stepping through the threshold without ever looking back.


Welcome, new friend, to my hidden corner of the digital world. My name is Crystal, and I’m what is commonly referred to as a hedge witch. I live out in the country on the fringe of society, each year taking another small step toward homesteading and nature. I’m a solitary practitioner, gleaning much of my knowledge from hours spent studying, observing, and practicing. Everything you see here, I have a personal connection to, from the garden to the yarn bin to the divination table.


You might think of this as a digital Book of Shadows. It is not nearly as large as my physical book, and does not contain the countless readings, scryings, and meditations that I’ve recorded over the years, but I’ve had many friends, new and old alike, urge me to share my thoughts and knowledge. Though I feel these things vibe with different people in different ways, and this will not be a singular source for anyone on its own, I see the merit in opening up my mind and heart to share these things with you now.


I am inherently and proudly eclectic. This means that my beliefs are like great vines, such as the ivy that encases my doorway, wrapping tendrils around anything they feel they can grow from. Everything here is of my own making, my own perspectives, and my personal interpretations. Some of them align with common themes and advice, while others offer a new direction from an old idea. I will say the same thing I always say in such situations: connect to what vibes with you; leave the rest for someone else.


I have been crafting since I could hold a pair of scissors, and there is no shortage of the DIY (do-it-yourself) projects I’m willing to try. I’m especially fond of yarn (homespun when possible) and natural materials like bluestem grass and oak branches. Anyone can save time and money making something with their own two hands, not just to save money but to form a connection with the object as well. So these I share. While trying new things, I fell in love with herbs and flowers and the many ways they can be blended together to create teas. There is just something incredible about the magick and healing and joy a proper blend can provide, and we have so much in nature to work with. I’ve helped and brought joy to many people with my teas, and I hope to help many more as I continue to study herbalism and it’s wonders. So these I share. And most obviously, I am a witch, from the bottom of my soul to my every day’s existence. So many people out there are afraid to be themselves, to walk their true path. I’ve been there, and it took me years to finally let go of that fear. I will not lie—there are days when posting here sparks anxiety, as if the wrong person might read it and judge me for it. I quickly relinquish such thoughts. If I can share my path with you and make you feel more confident in your own, it has been worth it. So this I share.

Please, feel free to explore. Ask questions, share your thoughts, and hopefully walk away with something new. My digital door is always open. You are always welcome here.

Learn, grow, and be magickal. ❤

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