Attitude is Everything

If there’s anything I know going into magic and intent, it’s that the attitude you bring with you is the most important tool you have. Consider, in every religion and spirituality, when someone says “My thoughts and prayers are with you.” That alone is them saying that they are sending positive, encouraging, and healing thoughts out into the universe, aimed in your direction. That’s a form of magic.

Your thoughts are energy. Your emotions are energy. Your words are energy. Your hopes, dreams, and fears are energy. Every proton, neutron, and electron in your body is charged with YOUR energy.

The Hidden Messages in Water

There was a study done years ago on water crystals by Dr. Masaru Emoto. People focused different types of energy and thoughts and emotions into bottles of water, both through written and spoken word. To some bottles, music was played. These bottles were then frozen, and they studied the crystals that formed. It was found that the positive, loving, happy words and thoughts produced beautiful, symmetrical, intricate crystals—while the negative, hateful, angry words produced rough, uneven, unattractive crystals (if they even formed full crystals at all).

This study brought about one of the most important questions I’ve ever contemplated: if our bodies are made primarily of water, and our thoughts can affect the structure of water, what effect are we having on ourselves and those around us just by the way we think?

Knowing this, it makes perfect sense that the way you direct your energy can have a huge effect on your life and the world around you. Studies like this one are just proof for me that science and magic are one and the same; science is only trying to find a logical way to classify magical things, and magic is just science we don’t understand yet (the same principle Arthur C. Clarke talks about).

My first experience with intent

One of my first real experiences with the power of thought was in 9th grade. My friend (we’ll call her Amber) and I were really close, and one night we decided to have a sleepover. That night, she revealed to me how badly she wanted to get away from her mother. She had a grandfather in another state and wanted to go live with him instead. Now, I was just an impressionable teen back then; I have no idea what her situation was or what her circumstances truly were. I recall her saying something to the effect of her mother sleeping around (possibly for money) and essentially not being a good role model or being around much.

That night was the first (and only) time I ever had alcohol away from home; I drank half of a wine cooler (I’m laughing right now at how “bad” I thought I was for that, knowing now how much most teens actually drink). In my relaxed and “lowered inhibition” state, I opened up to Amber about my interest and belief in witchcraft and magic. I suggested that perhaps we could cast a spell that would open her mother up to the idea of letting her move out.

Amber loved it and instantly led me to her mother’s collection of essential oils, extracts, and herbs. (I didn’t even question why she had that; I just figured the Universe was supplying me with the tools I needed to do the job.) I’ll be honest, I had NO idea what I was doing. Not consciously, anyway. One by one I picked up each vial, examined it, smelled it, felt its weight in my hands…and chose the ones that stood out to me. I combined drops and pinches and sprinkles of different things into a small bowl, mixed it up, and advised her to put a vial of it under her mom’s pillow as well as put a few drops in her drink in the morning. I really wish I knew what I had put in there so I could do the real work, studying them and their common uses and meanings.

Whatever was in it, our intent was clear and strong. Within a week, her mom had decided (apparently on her own) that it would be best for Amber’s well being if she moved out of state to live with her grandfather. We were both amazed, and she was ecstatic. Even though that meant she was moving away and we would no longer be together, I knew she’d be happy and get the love she deserved.

Going forward

Your energy is the first tool in your magical toolbox. You’re gifted with it at birth and throughout your life it grows and shifts into whatever form you grant it. Always keep this in mind whenever you are focusing for a tarot reading, a spell, a ritual, or just when you are going about your day and trying to keep yourself in the right mindset. Positive thinking not only sends out positive energy, but also attracts it back to you. Negative thinking does the same for negative energy. What kind of energies and intent do you want to surround yourself with?

water crystal oracle cards

If you ever need a gentle reminder, consider checking out the water crystal oracle cards. I got these years ago, and every once in a while I get them out and look through them as a reminder of the very real effects our thoughts and emotions have on our own bodies, as well as on the world around us. You can also use these cards during meditations to help you focus and attract the right energies to you. Or you can check out any of the other books by Dr. Emoto. It’s a fascinating study.

As always, learn, grow, and be magical. ❤

cover image by Marta Zappia

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